Schema d'installation2 anchors guys (H)
2 point mooring cleats (TA)
1 anchor strut (E)

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Nautitech 482 point 0_JVB7449 VM
1] spread the sail on the trampoline Odonata marking on top towards the front of the boat
2] Points TA: Skip the 2 loops within 2 mooring cleats
3] H Points : Fix the shackle into the cage of the turnbuckle and hit the bottom hook on the shackle , link moor the guy doing a tour of the guy with the link, then clip the carabiner into the ring, repeat for the second guy.
Nautitech 482 point 3.1_JVA2093 VM itaNautitech 482 point 3.2_JVB7500 VMNautitech 482 point 3.3_JVA2032 VM ita
4] Ridge : Remove the link from the point M and enter the Point E, go around the forestay genoa with the collar wrapped balls close the necklace with the snap on ring.
Nautitech 482 point 4.1_JVA2061 VM itaNautitech 482 point 4.2_JVA2045 VM ita
5] Hitting the spinnaker halyard on the bridle and hoist.
Nautitech 482 point 5_JVB7492 VMOdonata is in place!