Canopee is a trademark of SAUMAG company based in La Trinité sur Mer in France since 1987. SAUMAG is a saddlery / sailmaker’s workshop whose advice and expertise are appreciated by many yachtsmen. SAUMAG is run by Michel Sauget, a well shaped head and a kind of real-life Gyro Gearloose on the boating front, who also recently created STORM-BAG®, a storm jib, specially designed for furling genoa, that achieved an international success and also the NUB®, an anti-friction ball, nominated for Awards of Amsterdam in 2015 and that you have probably already discovered during the Paris boat show in 2014. The Canopee story begins upon the request of customers, wanting to maximize their 65 feet catamaran living space in the tropics. The aim was to shelter the trampoline with a light structure, removable, easy to install that would provide shade, coolness and which could also house the porholes.

This led to Odonata, an awning, thus allowing to gain “lost” square meters on the trampoline. Canopee is also a concept designed from light and compact material to make better use of the space but the result is for later….

Wore Michel Sauget